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Explore our design & Try to build your case.

Explore our design & Try to build your case.

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About Case+


Customize your Phone Case with Case+!


More Than Just a Case

 Case+ is a newly established tech accessories designer brand. We constantly evolve towards success with one motive - “More than just a Case”. We aspire to win hearts and create change through our stunning, customizable designs for phone cases.


Pick & Design Your Own Phone Case.

 Case+ gives you a platform to practice self-expression by creating your own designs. You can play with funky fonts, vibrant colors, and different materials to create a masterpiece of your own. Now with Case+, nothing can stop you from expressing your true self and sharing your design to earn some cash!


Investing for a Good Cause

 Your Sustainable Choice. Case+ strives to set an example for the world by using sustainable materials for the cases. Let’s save our planet step-by-step! Case+ also actively donates money to charity organisations for helping those in need. By purchasing from Case+, you put your money in a good cause.


Unleash your artistic skills & earn

Case+ allows you to create, upload, and sell your designs. We provide you with a platform where you can reveal your hidden talent and earn through your praise-worthy artistic skills.